Students- 7th thru 12th Grade also have Bible Study on

Wednesday nights after the meal.

 Ministry Leader:


 ​Assistant Teacher:

On Wednesday Nights after our Family Fellowship Meals (Aug. - May) we break up for our Wednesday Night Bible Study.

5th & 6th Grades = Judy Hurdle

1st & 2nd Grade = Debbie Hunsucker

Paul Creekmore

             Adults meet in the Sanctuary and are led by Pastor Gary Adams in a verse by                   verse study of the scripture.  Right now we are in the book of John.

             College and Career meet in the room off the right of the Sanctuary with

             Layne Mendius as their leader.

Children's Ministry Director:

Our TeamKids are broken down into age groups with the following teachers:

Crystal Creekmore

Youth Department

Debbie Hunsucker

3rd & 4th Grades = Lorena Adams










Pre-school - Kindergarden = Carolyn Garrett

At BridgeWay Baptist Church, we never lose sight of what drives our efforts: Dedicated people who are ready to let Jesus into their lives.

                                         We look forward to seeing you!